Club Sessions Restart 8th June 2021

We’re ready to restart club sessions again. Our first club meeting of this year will be on Tuesday 8th June 20:00 – 22:00. We will also resume Friday sessions this week, the first being 11th June 19:15 – 21:45.

Like our sessions in Autumn 2020, you will need to book a place at a session, and booking will be available from 10am on the day. There’s a button in the sidebar to take you to the booking site (which is the same as we use for memberships). Everyone who was a member when we stopped fencing in October has already had their membership duration extended to account for all the time that we were not fencing this year.

Please have a look at the updated information and risk assessment since it’s not exactly the same as last year. That information is linked here:

You can now:

  • Fence anyone who’s in the hall for up to 30 hits or 20 minutes (whichever is shorter).
  • Fleche, providing that a club coach has agreed that both fencers are capable of avoiding each other.
  • Use the changing rooms, subject to maximum 3 people at a time. We’d appreciate if you arrived in your kit and got changed at home though.

You still must:

  • Wear a face mask whilst fencing.
  • Keep socially distant to everyone.
  • Parents still may not enter the school site to drop-off/pick-up children – you’ll need to come into the hall to assist with running the session.