Coming to the Club

Club sessions have changed a little bit from what you may be used to.

  1. You must book a space at a session before you leave home, and complete the health questions for everyone (including parents/volunteers) who will be entering the school site. If there are no tickets available, then please do not come.
  2. Everyone in the sports hall should wear a face mask at all times when not fencing.
  3. We invite everyone to wear a face mask or liner whilst fencing to ensure that everyone feels safe.
  4. Parents/guardians who wish to accompany their children MUST remain in the hall for the duration, and will be asked to help out with running the session.
  5. Read the instructions (download link below) to familiarise yourself with what to do.
  6. Take things easy when fencing, it’s great to be back but it’s been a while.

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