26th JUNE 2012

Held at Rye St Antony School, Headington


Sam Hughes

Christopher Tierney



1)      Chairman’s Report


Competition Results

Herewith twelve months of highlights


Won the Much Wenlock Olympics u13 team foil.

Beaten 0-2 by Swindon seniors in friendly foil match, juniors draw 1-1

Sylvia Brown finished 5th in the Foil, 5th in the Epee and 2nd  in the Sabre at the World Veterans  Championships

BBO foil; OFC wins all four senior men’s medals.  Juniors won four gold medals plus five other medals

Sam Hughes wins bronze in the All-star Cup

BBO epee; Ben Schneider wins BU14 gold

Nuno Esteves wins bronze at Sevenoaks u17 BSC Sabre

Beat Oxford University intermediates at epee but lost at foil

Win gold in the Southern Region u16 foil team competition

OFC team finished 10th in the BBO Foil Rally

Lydia Stanier wins the Elite Epee Junior Championship

Ben Schneider wins silver in the SR u14 epee

We drew 3-3 with Swindon in a second senior’s friendly match

The juniors drew 1-1 with Salle Oxon in a friendly match

We won a gold and two bronzes in the SR age group foil competition

Lydia Stanier, representing England, won silver in Wratislava, Poland

We drew 1-1 again in a second friendly match against Salle Oxon

We held two ‘Pro-Am’ competitions, mixing beginners with experienced fencers

We won a gold and two bronzes in the British Youth Championships – more than half the SR’s medal haul.  In all OFC fencers earned 13 entries.

Heloïse Hardie won gold in the Premier Foil Championship in Southampton

Martin Carter wins bronze in the SR senior foil

Held four club competitions; epee won by Mark Leech, sabre won by Nuno Esteves, foil won by Dan Pooley and u14 foil won by Heloïse Hardie

The OFC team finished fifth in the White Horse Trophy.

Lydia Stanier wins gold in the England Youth Championships u15 epee




Referee – Malcolm

Sabre beginners – Danny

Intermediate foil x2 (Friday course oversubscribed, Tuesday course not a success WRT attendance) – Matthew

Epee improvers – Malcolm

Planned for armourery session hasn’t materialized


2)      Beginners Secretary’s Report 


Since October 2010 the club has run 6 taster sessions and 5 beginner’s courses. This equates to roughly 2 courses and taster sessions per year and includes the current course, which concludes in 2 weeks.


In that period the tasters have totalled 72 participants, about 50% of which go on to do a course.


The courses themselves totalled 78 participants. 19 people have signed up as members from those 5 courses, 10 of which came from the December 2011 course.


This means that if you take out the current course and the Dec 2011 course the previous conversion rate was 18% of participants to members.


Since the last AGM there have been 43 participants on the beginners courses including this current one, with nearly 50% of those taking part going on to become members. In the same period there have been 40 participants on the taster sessions with most going on to the beginner’s courses. The last two taster sessions have been oversubscribed.


The conversion rate from beginners to members seems to be moving in the right and so the next objective is to ensure that new members sign up for a 2nd year.


All members of the club are asked to keep an eye out for new faces and help them integrate smoothly into the club.


3)      Treasurers report

[details removed due to attempts to defraud the club]


We have 76 members currently with 20 lost at the start of the club year mainly due to the transient nature of some of Oxford’s inhabitants!


Kit has been recently purchased but further investment will be needed in kit.


It was agreed to keep membership fees as they are.




The rework of club website and email by Mark Leech and Jeremy Rowntree resulted in a considerable amount of effort and it was delivered seamlessly to the club members


Outreach – Oxford City, Olympic Torch, Cheney School, NK Primary School


Election of Club Officers (proposed by Gordon and all seconded by the committee)


Chairman –                                           Mark Leech

Captain –                                              Richard Booth

Treasurer –                                           Jane Magé

Secretary –                                          Gordon Hardie

Beginners Secretary –                     Peter Joyce

Youth Officer –                                   Philip Ashton-Rickardt

Armourer –                                          Martin Carter

Webmaster –                                      Christopher Tierney

Club Officer –                                      Nuno Esteves

Club Officer –                                      Fiona Jefferies




Thanks & Conclusion


Gordon thanked the Coaches – particularly Matthew who does any number of jobs for the club (locking/unlocking, laundry, etc)


He also thanked the Committee for being delegated too and for taking the strain off the chairman.


There being no other business the meeting was closed