7.30pm, 28th JUNE 2013

Held at Rye St Antony School, Headington




Dan Pooley

Sam Hughes


Chairman’s Report


Matthew Thompson


There have been a lot of changes at OFC in the last few years. Through it all Matthew has been a constant presence. His car outside the hall is a sign that things are all going to plan, that fencing, so important to all of us, is definitely going ahead. He has always been there to open up at the beginning, and to lock up at the end – contributions that are vital to any organisation. In between, he can always be relied on to be generous with advice, good stories and trenchant opinions. My enduring image of him is of hearing him telling his pupils to “use your brain cell!” as he puts them through their paces. I know that many of OFC’s members gained not just technical skills from him, but also a proper enjoyment of fencing. It’s almost impossible to imagine the place without him. We will miss you, Matthew.



James Kingston will take over Fridays for the foreseeable future

Working towards a solution for Tuesdays coaching – things looking promising


Competition Results

I shall just focus on club matches and competitions and the main highlights.


Seniors lost 2-1 to Swindon home and away (lost foil and sabre, won epee; lost in two foil matches, won epee)

Juniors lost 2-1 to Swindon at home (foil and epee)

Beat OUFC Seniors 2-1 (won foil and epee, lost sabre), drew with OUFC intermediates in foil match.

Ralph Evans Trophy results – Ben, Nuno, me – trophy itself between me and Martin


Other highlights

A very large proportion of the club members have fenced competitively over the year. Sorry I can’t mention everyone.

Heloise Hardie fencing as part of the England squad at the Paris Marathon Fleuret, and finishing 3rd in the LPJS.

Ben Schneider, James Beazley and James Fotherby Paige Tierney, Alexander Hardie, Heloïse Hardie, Will Drake, Noé Larousseall qualified for the British Youth Championships

Sam Hughes reaching top 30 in GB Women’s Epee

Nuno improving results in World Cadet and Junior Sabre

EYC results – Messina (gold), Ben (bronze), out of 9 OFC fencers, all of whom got excellent placings



Courses and Miscellaneous

Armoury course went ahead in October.

Intermediate foil courses (x2), one on Tuesdays and one on Fridays.

Successful Headington Sports Day.

Demonstration next week on Fencing Through the Ages – in the Rendell Hall, not sports hall.


Reminder – next Tuesday final fencing session at Rye until late August, fencing at Radley on Tuesdays only.



To committee and club officers for all their help and support, and especially to Rosemary who has gone out of her way to help us, especially regarding the clothing and the beginners’ courses.




Beginners Secretary’s Report 

Since the last AGM the club has held more tasters and courses.


We’ve had 2 tasters, 3 beginners courses (including the current one), and 2 intermediate foils.


The interest in tasters and courses continue and most sessions are full i.e. 14 or so participants. From the 2 tasters nearly half of the 24 attendees went onto beginners courses. From the 2 completed beginners courses at least 9 new fencers have signed up to be members of OFC and certainly some of the current course participants have already affirmed their desire to keep on fencing.


The January beginners’ course was held on a Tuesday and was for over 16’s. This seemed to be a particularly successful and well received course and the club is looking to repeat the idea once scheduling is sorted.


I’d like to add my own thanks to Dan for assisting Matthew with the current course and also to Rosemary for her invaluable help particularly on the kit; it really helps to keep the sessions on track.





Treasurer’s Report


Details available to club members on request.


Keeping fees as they are for third year running, partly due to uncertainty about future of coaching. Will use club’s reserves to meet any extra expenses this year, and fees reviewed again next year.





 Election of Club Officers


Chairman –                                      Gordon Hardie

Vice-Chairman –                              Jorge Esteves

Events Secretary –                           Dan Pooley (elected in his absence)

Treasurer –                                      Brendan Jackson

Beginners Secretary –                     Peter Joyce

Communications Secretary –          David Reynard


Youth Officer –                               Julia Kidd

Armourer –                                     Martin Carter

Webmaster –                                 Christopher Tierney



There being no other business the meeting was closed.





7.30pm, 28th JUNE 2013

To be held at Rye St Antony School, Headington




Chairman’s Report


–Matthew Thompson


–Competition highlights and courses during 2012-2013




Beginners’ Secretary Report



Treasurer’s Report


–Decision on fees for next year



Election of Committee and Club Officers



Vice-chairman (Tuesdays)


Events Secretary

Beginners’ Secretary

Communications Secretary


Youth Officer


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