Annual General Meeting – Oxford Fencing Club

28th June 2014


Sam Hughes

Membership Report:

Paid-up membership currently stands at 67. This time last year it was 70.

Treasurer’s Report:

The club finances are in very good order. There has been a small reduction in the bank balance but only in line with the committee’s plans and still above their agreed lower limit. Thus we agreed that the club subscription should remain unchanged at £145 per year. This is at least the third year we have been able to maintain our fencing activities without increasing the cost to members and makes us very competitive in the market.

External Events:

We have had one friendly match with Thame and are sending an under-13 foil team to the Much Wenlock Olympics. We plan to hold more friendly matches next season.

Armourer’s Report:

We have had to make an investment in beginners’ equipment that was previously borrowed from Matthew – plastrons, plastic chests, gloves and masks – as the club did not have sufficient quantities in the various sizes required. The club also invested in spare spools and ground leads, though not a full electric scoring kit. There has also been the usual replacement of tired weapons and lames.

Beginner’s Secretary Report:

We held two beginners’ courses during the year, this is one less than the previous season when one was held on a Tuesday night.

Dates for an intermediate course starting in September and a beginners’ course starting in October were agreed.

It was also agreed that we should hold courses in epee and sabre.


For the first time we have had a designated Floor Manager on Friday nights. This has been a great success as the responsibility to lead our younger members is no longer falls on volunteers. Martin has fulfilled the role and it was agreed that he should continue. Moreover, when he is not available, Alex should step in.

There is a definite need to have increased storage available to the club. Unfortunately it is not currently possible to have a bigger club cupboard so we have to resort to committee member storing items at their homes between fencing sessions.

Foil awards scheme – James has progressed several beginners to Level 1 and they would like to continue to the next stage. Likewise it is anticipated that future beginners will want to work on their Level 1 awards.

It was agreed that Martin would make awards for the club’s three weapon winners plus under-10 and under-13 winners. These would be similar to our Master-At-Arms trophy but smaller. Estimated cost £40 each.

New Committee

Chairman:                        Jorge

Vice Chairman:                Dan

Communications Sec:       David

Treasurer:                        Brendan

Events Sec:                      Martina

Youth/Welfare:                Julia

Beginners Sec:                Gordon

Armourer:                       Martin

Web Master:                   Ed

Friday Floor Manager:    Martin/Alex