Club Sessions Start in June

We plan to resume club sessions from 8th June. For the first few sessions, the focus will be on fencers who already know the sport to make sure that we can operate safely as a club. Once that’s completed and we’re running regular fencing sessions, we hope to be able to open our beginners courses and taster sessions to new fencers who’d like to get started.

New Fencers

If you’d like us to let you know when we announce courses, please sign up below.

March 2021 Update

Following the announcement of the government’s latest roadmap out of COVID restrictions in England, it looks like we might be able to hold sessions from mid-May onwards. Of course, this is subject to relaxation of the current rules, and the number of cases continuing to reduce.

British Fencing has posted their understanding of the current roadmap here: and we’ll update our plans once we know when we’ll be able to open again.

December 2020 Update

We are not holding club sessions on account of the high COVID transmission rate in Oxford. It is the club’s ambition to offer training sessions for under-18s and fitness/footwork sessions for over-18s in the new year, once the COVID alert level is reduced. Whilst Oxford remains in Tier 3 or higher, we don’t plan to hold any training sessions. Regular sessions will commence for all once we return to Tier 1, or the government guidance changes.

Sessions will be announced here, and we will email also all current members ahead of sessions being available. Hope to see you on piste soon!

No Sessions in November 2020

It looks like we will not be able to offer fencing sessions in November because of the new lockdown rules that were announced by the prime minister on 31st October and which will be applied from 5th November.

It had been our hope to be able to offer something for junior members whilst Oxford was in COVID Tier 2 since there are specific exemptions under that scheme for activities for younger people. We do not think that this will be possible now. We will keep abreast of the guidance from British Fencing and the government and make announcements here as soon as we know more.

Return to Fencing – Your Thoughts

Thank you to everyone who took some time to complete the survey that we posted last week to understand your thoughts about returning to fencing. I wanted to give you an overview of everyone’s opinion because this informs the way that the club will begin to operate again. We’ve been working on a risk assessment for club sessions, and will be sharing it with the school this week to make sure that we’re all happy. I will also make a post here with that once we’ve finalised a couple of small details.

What people are planning or hoping to do

The majority (78%) of you are planning to return to training as soon as you can, or will wait until the social distancing rules are relaxed a little further.

78% of respondents would like to return as soon as they can, and the remainder will wait a little longer to see how things pan out.

In addition, 87% of you would like to return at a similar level of commitment/frequency, with a small number feeling that other commitments would mean they could come less-often.

Fears or concerns about returning to club

Many of the respondents to the survey expressed concern about catching COVID-19 from club kit, or lack of proper social distancing. There were also concern regarding whether it would be safe to resume fencing, and how we would manage club sessions (warm-up, fighting, lessons) and the extra requirements that the new rules will call for.


The vast majority of respondents to this survey stated that they had their own kit, which makes managing the club kit somewhat easier than it could have been. We have a plan to allocate club equipment to members who don’t have their own and will detail how this will work later. We’ve also been thinking about how to handle the electric boxes and weapons and have a strategy for this too. I will publish this once the risk assessment is agreed with the school.

Face masks have been mentioned as a way to reduce the spread of the virus, but there has also been evidence published in the July 2020 edition of The Sword (page 26) which suggests that they are risky to wear during fights because they prevent efficient breathing. The club is going to ask you to wear masks where possible, and we will be issuing guidance on this soon. The majority of respondents were willing to provide a mask themselves, so this will be the option that we will choose.

80% of respondents were prepared to provide their own facemark, and 93% were willing to wear a mask in the sports hall when appropriate.

What we hope to offer

There are many aspects to a regular club session, and unsurprisingly, there was a lot of variation in what you’d all like to see. From the responses, we will aim to provide warm-up and footwork exercises, fighting/sparring on the electric equipment, and lessons in some form. These may all need to be modified to take account of the new rules, and we will be able to tell you more about this soon.

What you’re looking forward to

Everyone’s looking forward to getting back to fencing again, meeting our friends and doing some training. Like you, I can’t wait to be back in the fencing hall doing some sparring and footwork practice.

Club Update

An update about the club and what we’re up to at the moment.

Online Meetings

We’ve had some fun social hangouts on Houseparty over the past few weeks. These are announced on the club Facebook page, and have been held on Friday evenings at about the time that we’d be in the club. Please come along to the next one!


As you’ll have seen in the news, the government is keen for schools to return in the next couple of weeks after half-term. Rye St. Antony have indicated to me that they would be willing for us to use the hall in June. HOWEVER, British Fencing’s guidance ( and our committee are clear that we can’t go back to fencing yet because it will be difficult or impossible to maintain social distancing measures whilst in a fencing bout. 

Once the guidance from BF changes, which will be based on events in the country as a whole, we will be able to think about restarting sessions. We’ll also need some new procedures and probably new risk assessments to satisfy the new rules that will likely be in place. If you’d like to lend a hand with these (or have some experience in these matters), please get in touch!


I’m aware that many of you have been continuing to pay monthly membership fees, or have an annual membership that’s still running. Thank you for your continued support. Because the club has essentially no outgoings when we are not running sessions, it is our intention to credit everyone who’s remained a member during lockdown with membership extensions once we are at the other side. If you’d prefer to cancel recurring payments, you can do so by logging in to the admin site ( and turning off Auto Renew on the “Memberships” tab of “TidyHQ Account Settings”. You should also receive an email before the payments are taken telling you how to do this. 

AGM Postponed

The club usually holds its AGM in June. This year, since such a meeting is essentially impossible to hold, we will instead hold an Extraordinary General Meeting when we return to Rye. We will announce this two weeks beforehand, in line with the club constitution. On this subject Anne, our treasurer, has announced her intention to stand down at the next AGM/EGM, and we will require someone to assist with managing our accounts from then. This is not a particularly onerous task since almost everyone pays their fees by credit card, so the bulk of the work is paying invoices for lettings and coaching via online banking. Anne or I would be delighted to explain the work in more detail, which would also suit a parent of one of our junior members.