Membership and Fees



Annual Membership: £190

Alternatively twelve monthly payments of £18 may be made by standing order, provided a total of £216 is paid for the year. We also have quarterly and monthly memberships payable by credit card.

The easiest way to pay a subscription is online via our payments site or by bank transfer to the club bank account (contact for account information).

Family discount

To encourage family participation in fencing Oxford Fencing Club offers a discount of 50% on the subscription of second and subsequent members of a household who join the club in a year.

Everyone who fences in the club should pay an annual subscription. Let the treasurer know, however, if you would have difficulty in paying the full subscription.


The visitor’s fee is £10 per visit. You may pay online through the web shop, or in cash to a member of the committee during a session. This option is available to current members of other fencing clubs who are full members of the BFA; it is not an alternative to full subscription for irregular attendees.

BFA membership and insurance

OFC requires all members to have at least the minimum level of membership of the BFA. Details of membership types, benefits (eg, eligibility to enter competitions) and fees are available from the BFA website at, where memberships can also be purchased.

Questions about fees or payments?

Please contact the treasurer at