Chairman’s Report 2018

I hope that you have had a successful and enjoyable fencing season. 

This year, we held two beginners courses and introduced 32 people to the sport. We have welcomed 15 new members to the club either graduating from our beginners courses or joining from elsewhere. What’s especially great is that our Friday sessions regularly have more than 35 attendees, which is much higher than it’s been historically.

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Chairman’s Report

Despite the loss of most of our Sabreurs, and several epeeists, our membership this year has remained at a stable level. As of 31st May, we have 72 members (compared with 69 this time last year). Of these, 29 are new members to the club either from graduating from our beginners courses or joining from elsewhere. Continue reading


Annual General Meeting – Oxford Fencing Club

As of 31st May 2016, we have 69 Members, 29 of whom we welcomed to the club for the first time this year.

We have held two beginners courses, and introduced 32 people to fencing. Of those, 16 have become members so far. In February, we held an Intermediates course, and tried to hold Epee and Sabre courses. In March, we held a refereeing session, and I would like to follow-up on this so that experienced members mentor the less-experienced.

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Chairman’s report 2011

It was about 1977, some eighteen months after retiring from competitive fencing, that I discovered Oxford Polytechnic Fencing Club in a school off the Cowley Road. It was a small and friendly group focussed mainly on rather classical non-electric foil. Almost at once I agreed to be treasurer, and in every subsequent year I have held one of the club’s offices, often all simultaneously. Since 1977 the club has moved site several times and has had more than one change of name, the least snappy being Oxford City and Polytechnic Fencing Club. It has had both healthy and lean times, and once came very close to extinction.

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