AGM 2021

Oxford Fencing Club AGM 2021

Held on 15th July 2021


None received. 

Minutes of AGM 2020

Proposed: Ed Williams, Unanimously accepted as a true record of the EGM in October 2020.

Chair’s Report and Hall Status

It’s been only a short time since the 2020 AGM/EGM, and we’ve only run a handful of sessions since then because Oxford entered what was known as Tier 2 on the weekend following our EGM. This effectively put paid to any sessions until the lockdowns eased in mid-May. We did manage to offer 6 sessions in June until our bookings were cancelled on the 28th.

Currently, it looks like we might be unable to use the hall at Rye until September, although we may have more to share once the rules change on 19th July since there will no-longer be pupils on site. I’ll keep everyone updated. 

In terms of competition results, we’ve only had one competitor who’s been at a competition this term. Iona managed 2nd at the U10s competition at Newham swords in June. Well done!

Finally, thank you very much to our committee over the past year. They’ve all worked hard to help us run as many sessions as we could in very trying circumstances.

Treasurer’s Report

During the pandemic, the club extended everyone’s memberships so that no-one lost out financially. Because of this, we do not expect significant membership income this year. Additionally, the lack of new beginners courses, and attrition of members who’ve stopped coming means that income is greatly reduced. 

Since we ran relatively few sessions this year, the impact of reduced membership fees has not been as bad as it could have. Nevertheless, the club expects to lose approximately £2.5k from its bank balance. While concerning, this is not going to cause us to become insolvent because we have some buffer remaining. 

The treasurer’s report was accepted unanimously.

Election of Office Bearers

Chair – Tim Stephens; Nominated: Anne, Seconded: Justen. Vote: Unanimous.

Secretary – Alison Stevenson; Self Nominated. Vote: Unanimous.

Treasurer – Ed Williams. Self nominated Vote: Unanimous.

COVID officer – Clive Stevenson. Self nominated Vote: Unanimous. 

Welfare Officer – Justen Hyde. Self nominated Vote: Unanimous.


We had a long discussion about fees in October, with the committee recommending at that time that a raise should be considered. Since then, there have been so few sessions that our financial position remains similar to what it was. It should be noted that the club will not receive significant income from membership fees until 2022 since everyone’s 2020 memberships have been extended significantly to account for the 13 months where we have not been able to fence. This means that the predictions of a ~£6k loss remain valid and are still baked into our finances. 

At this meeting, it was agreed that we would increase the annual membership fee to £190 and the monthly membership fee to £18. Quarterly fees will increase to £52.


  1. Thanks to the committee. 
  2. The club should consider raising course fees when we eventually hold one again. 

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