Accident and emergency procedure

Guidelines for dealing with an accident

    • Stay calm but act swiftly and observe the situation. Is there danger of further injuries?
    • Listen to what the injured person is saying.
    • Alert a coach, or club member with first-aid qualifications, who should take appropriate action for minor injuries.
    • In the event of an injury requiring specialist treatment, call the emergency services.
    • Deal with the rest of the group and ensure that they are adequately supervised.
    • Do not move someone with major injuries. Wait for the emergency services.
    • Notify the injured person’s emergency contact (the list kept in the equipment store).
    • Complete an incident/accident report form, which should be sent at once to the director of lettings of Rye St Antony School.

In case of an incident requiring evacuation

  • Members of the committee assisted by the club’s coaches should take charge.
  • Evacuate the building or facilities and meet at the assembly point on the hockey pitch.
  • During an evacuation everyone should leave the building in an orderly manner as quickly as possible through the main or emergency exits, and assemble by the swings on the adjacent hockey pitch; they should not take personal belongings with them. During term time the school’s own emergency response policy will then come into force.
  • Sweep building to ensure all members are accounted for.
  • Raise the alarm by contacting the site manager or the emergency services directly, if and when necessary. If the site manager cannot be raised, phone the school. Numbers are available next to the emergency phone in the hall foyer or from coaches and committee members.
  • Ensure that a committee member is able to communicate the nature of the emergency and any other salient information to emergency services on their arrival.
  • The committee should check that those particularly at risk, for example very young children or those in wheelchairs, have reached the assembly point.
  • After the evacuation, all club members should await permission to re-enter the hall, or if this prove impossible, they should leave the school premises together.

Health and safety information

All club members should be aware of the following.

  • Emergency First Aid supplies are located in the main foyer, to the right of the doors intothe hall. The club’s own First Aid kit is in the end pocket of the electric foil bag.
  • Fire-fighting apparatus is located in the main foyer, to the right of the doors into the hall.
  • The emergency telephone is located in the main foyer, to the right of the doors into the hall.
  • Emergency exits are at either end of the hall, on the opposite side from the entrance doors.
  • Smoking and use of alcohol on the premises is prohibited