Club Championships

The club championships will be held in the next few weeks. Date are:

Sabre – 22nd April 2022

Epee – 6th May 2022

Foil – 20th May 2022

The format will depend on how many entries we get on the night, but the intention would be to run a round of poules followed by direct elimination. We will aim to run a junior and senior event at each weapon, although the entries may be combined if there are not enough fencers present.

The fencer who does best over all three weapons will be the club Master At Arms and wins the Ralph Evans trophy, named after our late, long-serving chairman who laid the foundations for what the club is today.

Easter Fencing

The club will run as normal over the school Easter holidays EXCEPT that there will be no training on Good Friday (15th April 2022). Tuesday sessions will run as normal, and Fridays will return on 22nd April.


With the removal of the last pieces of the COVID rules at the beginning of April 2022, the government has signalled that we must “learn to live” with COVID. In practise, this means that the club can effectively return to normal although we do continue to ask for your cooperation with the rules below.

Rules for coming to the club

  • You do not need to book a place at a session. Please just come along!
  • We recommend that you continue to wear a face mask whilst not fencing since the sports hall can get crowded, and ventilation is not brilliant even when the doors are open. The school continues to require their staff and pupils to wear masks whilst moving around and ask that we consider complying with this requirement.
  • Sanitiser and wipes will remain available. Particular attention is required if you’re going to use club masks or gloves that you clean and sanitise before/after.

Match vs. Swindon (22 March 2022)

On Tuesday 22nd March, we will be visiting Swindon Fencing Club for a match instead of fencing in Oxford. There are opportunities for both junior and senior fencers to take part, and we’ll try to make it as inclusive as possible.

Juniors: Please try to be ready to fence at 19:00 in the hall (there is a junior beginners class running from 18:00, so people will be there).

Seniors: Please aim to be ready to fence by 20:00. We’ll hope to get foil, epee and sabre together somehow providing that we manage to send enough fencers.

There will be NO FENCING IN OXFORD on 22nd March.

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Club Sessions going well

Our club sessions are proving popular and it’s great to see everyone who’s present safely enjoying themselves and getting stuck in. The sounds of laughter, whoops and clashing of blades warm the heart. We have all three weapons (foil, epee and sabre) represented at all levels. If you’ve not been for a while, we’d love to see you back and you can be sure that there will be someone to fence.

Club session in progress

If you’re a Sabruer, we have a mailing group so that you can arrange your attendance at a session and be doubly sure that you’ll have someone to fence. If you’re a foilist or epeeist and would like us to set up something similar, then please get in touch.