‘By the Rules’ night (17th March)


On Friday 17th March, we will run all fights following the rules that you’d expect at a competition. This means that we’ll fight with referees, time-limits and competition scoring. Before we start fencing, there will be a shorter-than-usual warm-up and a quick rules refresher so that everyone knows what they should be doing.

One-hit Épée Competition (14th March)

We will run our next regular monthly one-hit épée friendly competition on Tuesday 14th March during the regular club session. Everyone’s welcome, and you don’t need any experience to succeed.

The format is simple: fight to one point and winner stays on after each bout. The overall winner is the person with the most wins after we’ve been fencing for an hour.

One hit Epee competition (14th Feb)

Our monthly one-hit epee competition is coming up on Tuesday 14th February during the usual club hours (20:00-22:00). Please arrive for 8pm, and we’ll aim to be fencing by 8:15.

As usual the format will be a round-robin with the winner staying on piste after each bout. The overall winner is the fencer with the most victories from the 80 minutes fencing.

Everyone’s welcome (even if you’ve never held an epee before).

London Region Teams Event

We had two teams in action at the London Region Team event on 27th November.

Our Épée team (Oxford B) consisting of Mark, Tim and Shaz won the Épée competition in a very tight bout that went to time in the final leg. Shaz lost priority, but then scored a fantastic touch on his opponent’s back hand to win the match 13-12.


Our foil team (Oxford A) consisting of Robin, Martina and Harry had tough seeding poules, and didn’t make it into the final 4. All three of our foilists held their own, especially Robin who was fencing in his first ever competition.