Chairman’s Report

Despite the loss of most of our Sabreurs, and several epeeists, our membership this year has remained at a stable level. As of 31st May, we have 72 members (compared with 69 this time last year). Of these, 29 are new members to the club either from graduating from our beginners courses or joining from elsewhere. Continue reading

“Le Flying” Comes to Oxford

ON JUNE 17TH  all Oxford Fencing Club Members over 13 years will have a great opportunity for a fun day’s friendly fencing against opponents from Europe.  A cup and medals are involved and there is no entry fee!


  • Mens Foil 09:00
  • All other weapons (Womens Foil, Mixed Epee, Mixed Sabre) 09:15

Grab this, especially you less experienced fencers.  Take it from your more experienced colleagues that your first international event outside UK feels a bit like falling off a cliff, so this is your opportunity to paddle before you learn to swim.

Continue reading

Salle Eton Friendly

Salle Eton visited us on Tuesday 25th April for some friendly sparring against new opponents. They brought 7 fencers who fenced a mix of foil and épée. Rather than try to complete a teams match, we decided to maximise the number of fights we had against each other.


It was great to see the hall busy on a Tuesday night, and everyone who came along had a really good evening’s fencing.

Salle Eton friendly Tuesday 25th April

Salle Eton friendly against Oxford Fencing ClubDon’t forget that Salle Eton are coming to visit us on Tuesday night with a mix of foilists and épéeists.

The aim is for everyone to get as much fencing against new opponents as possible, so this ought to be a fun evening.

Everyone welcome, hope to see you there!

‘By the Rules’ night (17th March)


On Friday 17th March, we will run all fights following the rules that you’d expect at a competition. This means that we’ll fight with referees, time-limits and competition scoring. Before we start fencing, there will be a shorter-than-usual warm-up and a quick rules refresher so that everyone knows what they should be doing.

One-hit Épée Competition (14th March)

We will run our next regular monthly one-hit épée friendly competition on Tuesday 14th March during the regular club session. Everyone’s welcome, and you don’t need any experience to succeed.

The format is simple: fight to one point and winner stays on after each bout. The overall winner is the person with the most wins after we’ve been fencing for an hour.

One hit Epee competition (14th Feb)

Our monthly one-hit epee competition is coming up on Tuesday 14th February during the usual club hours (20:00-22:00). Please arrive for 8pm, and we’ll aim to be fencing by 8:15.

As usual the format will be a round-robin with the winner staying on piste after each bout. The overall winner is the fencer with the most victories from the 80 minutes fencing.

Everyone’s welcome (even if you’ve never held an epee before).