Sports Centre


We are very fortunate to have the use of Rye St Antony’s sports centre. We must of course treat the facilities with due respect and take care not to damage them in any way. Any inadvertent damage should be reported at once to a member of the club’s committee.

Times of access

  • We may enter the hall 15 minutes before our session and should leave the site within 15 minutes of its end.
    In order to achieve this we will have to stop fencing and pack up our kit slightly before the scheduled end of the session.
        Everyone’s cooperation is needed in meeting this requirement, please.
  • Do not wander around the school site


  • Parents and others are most welcome to watch the fencing from the viewing gallery.
  • Please remember that we must not touch any of the training equipment in the gallery.
  • Parents accompanying children to clubs or any other visitors must remain with the group and should not wander around the school site nor approach any pupils.



  • Fencing and non-fencing children (under-18s) must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • All footwear worn in the main hall must be clean, dry, free of grit, non-marking and strictly for indoor use only. Please be especially careful to wear non-marking soles at all times.
  • This requirement applies to parents and spectators as well as fencers.


Health and safety

  • Smoking and alcohol are prohibited on the premises.
  • A first-aid kit is kept alongside the emergency phone and list of emergency numbers to the right of the inner doors to    the          main hall. The club’s own first-aid pack is kept in the electric foil case.
  • In case of emergency evacuation the assembly point is the hockey pitch.
  • Any accident should be reported to a member of the club’s committee.
  • No pets are permitted on the school grounds at any time.

Food and drink

  • Food and drink may be consumed only in the foyer, with the exception that water in a bottle with a secure top may be taken into the main hall.


  • Coin-operated lockers are available in the changing rooms; they must be emptied at the end of the session.