Annual General Meeting – Oxford Fencing Club

As of 31st May 2016, we have 69 Members, 29 of whom we welcomed to the club for the first time this year.

We have held two beginners courses, and introduced 32 people to fencing. Of those, 16 have become members so far. In February, we held an Intermediates course, and tried to hold Epee and Sabre courses. In March, we held a refereeing session, and I would like to follow-up on this so that experienced members mentor the less-experienced.

Some things that we’ve changed this year:

– We’ve introduced new coaching system, with the lesson list and extra coaches paid for by the club. This means that there are 4 lesson slots available on Tuesdays for all three weapons (we will increase this if there’s sufficient demand), and 4-12 on Fridays (depending on whether there’s a course running or not).

– Introduced new online administration system (tidyclub) which greatly simplifies the secretary and treasurer’s roles.

– Regular warm-up and footwork session on Fridays, led by Dan Finally, thank you for helping set-up and take-down electric boxes and pack cupboards at the end of the night, I really do appreciate your time.

Treasurer’s Report

2015/16 has been a successful year for the club financially.  Despite adding increased costs in the form of extra coaching for members, and a 2% increase in hall rental fees from the school, we are projected to finish the year with the bank balance approximately where we started. Because our financial position is secure, we do not recommend any increase in club fees, which means that the annual fee for membership will remain at £145 for members paying a lump sum in September, or monthly payments totalling £156 for those who wish to spread the cost over the year.

Election of Office Bearers

Chairman:           Tim Stephens

Vice-Chairman:Dan Pooley

Secretary:           Mark Leech

Treasurer:           Tim Stephens

Youth Officer:    Vacant

Armourer:           Martin Carter


– Our club kit would benefit from a wash. Volunteers to wash a few jackets over the next couple of weeks are sought. Please come and see a committee member to arrange this.

– We move to Radley College Sports Centre for the summer from 5th July, and fence on Tuesdays only. Our sessions (Tuesdays and Fridays) at Rye will recommence from 23rd August.

– There was a request for better club sabres, since the current ones are poorly balanced, and quite heavy. We will try to sort this out.

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