AGM 2020

Held 29th October 2020, via Google Meet


Caryl Oliver

Mark Leech

Adrian Griffin

Charlie Winward

Minutes of AGM 2019

Are available on the club website.

No objections were raised, and the minutes were unanimously accepted as a true record of last year’s AGM.

Chair’s Report 2020

In a normal year, the Chair’s report writes itself and includes a quick run through the many successes of our members in competition, and a summary of the new fencers who we’ve welcomed to the sport through our beginners courses. 

As far as competitions go, we did have some results in the early part of the 2019/20 season. At the BB&O Age Groups, Freya was 1st in the U12 Epee, Ava was 3rd in the U14 Epee and Mark won the senior men’s Epee. Our U14 Epee team also came second in the Southern Region Age Group Teams, and our mens team won the London Region teams Epee competition. 

The other major achievement that I think that we should acknowledge is that we are able to fence at all at the moment. The club is still running our regular twice-weekly sessions, albeit with reduced numbers within the current set of British Fencing and government guidelines. This is in no small part down to everyone who’s come to sessions being willing to accept the new restrictions that we must work with to keep everyone safe, and remembering to follow the new procedures. It is weird, but it is also some fencing, which is something that I love to do even if it’s not quite the same as usual at the moment. 

If you’ve been along to club sessions, thank you for coming, thank you for helping out and thank you for making sure that we all do everything that we can to stay healthy. 

Finally I’d like to thank our coaches for their sterling work in helping the club to keep running, and my fellow committee members for this year who have provided guidance, and worked hard behind the scenes.

For the year ahead, whoever we elect as the committee will have a very unfamiliar task ahead as we adapt to the reality of our current situation and work out how to keep the fencing club running as well as we can.

Treasurer’s Report

Our finances and balance sheet were presented. 

Our account balance is artificially high since there were no outgoings for the summer term at Rye (so we’re in a better position than we would have been). Separately, we’re not going to receive the membership income that we would expect in September until January 2021 because we extended everyone’s membership to take account of the lockdown period. Looks like we’re going to lose a significant amount from our bank balance this year because of reduced membership and no courses.

Vote: The treasurer’s report was accepted unanimously. 

Membership Fees Review

Based on the financial position of the club, the committee recommended that we increase the membership fees from 1st December to:

Current FeeProposed Fee
Annual Member£‎ 180.00£‎ 200.00
Quarterly£‎ 50.00£‎ 56.00
Monthly£‎ 18.00£‎ 20.00
Guest Fee£‎ 8.00£‎ 10.00

Propose: Tim

Vote: Declined. 

We agreed that the financial situation of the club is concerning, and voted to ask our members for a donation to aid our finances. The club will ask members to contribute if they feel that they can to help us through this period.

We also agreed to look for alternative sources of funding (e.g. via British Fencing) that may be able to plug the gap.

Election of office bearers

Chair: Tim Stephens

Propose: Anne

Second: Justen

Vote: Unanimous

Treasurer: Ed Willams

Propose: Tim, Anne

Vote: Unanimous 

Secretary: Dan Pooley

Propose: Tim, Ed, James

Vote: Unanimous 

COVID Officer: Dan Pooley

Propose: Tim, Anne

Vote: Unanimous

Welfare Officer: Justen Hyde

Propose: Tim

Vote: Unanimous


Armourer is a co-opted position, and we have received some offers to help. Anyone else who would be willing to help fix club kit, please let me know.

Any Other Business

Oxford will be COVID Tier 2 from Saturday. Do we want to run the club tomorrow evening?

There will probably be no fencing sessions after this week until we return to Tier 1.

We agreed to investigate how the club could offer sessions for juniors that would allow them to continue to attend in a limited capacity. This would probably look like a limited session with 2 coaches and tight specifications. We’d need to start and finish at an exact time, escort everyone on and off site. There was a lack of clarity about exactly how we would be able to run something like this, but the committee took an action to see what we would be able to offer and work out how this could happen. 

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