Club Sessions Restarted

We held our first ‘proper’ Tuesday club session on 1st September. Whilst it was less-busy than we’d normally see on a regular Tuesday night, 6 fencers (one bubble) arrived to train. I’m posting this update to let you know how we got on and what we think of the various new rules.

Firstly, it was great to be back on piste, and I was reminded how much I love this sport! It was also great to see some friendly faces in real life after a long summer of video calls.

Face masks are hard work to fence with.

They make it harder to breathe, hotter, and if your fencing mask is a tight fit are tricky to keep on your face when putting the fencing mask on. Learning: Practice putting your fencing mask on or come up with another solution to hold a liner into your fencing mask (e.g. tape or clips).

Sanitising your hands often is easy to forget.

Our new procedures ask you to sanitise before and after clipping or unclipping from the spools. It’s hard to remember to do this since it’s second-nature to finish your fight and then unclip. Learning: don’t be offended if everyone asks you to sanitise all the time, it’s easy to forget until we get used to this.

Fleching and close-quarters fencing is hard to stop.

We’re supposed to be keeping our distance during bouts, and fleches are banned. This means that you can’t run past your opponent if the point turns into a close-quarters one. Learning: Stop the fight as soon as you see this happening, and make sure that you’re paying attention if refereeing.

Our next sessions are Tuesday 8th and Friday 11th September. As before, bookings will open at 10am on the day of the session, and there will be a limited number of spaces available. Hope to see you there!